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Eighth Graduation Ceremony

Eighth Graduation Ceremony

Guest Lecture Prof(Dr) Mohamed Saheb Hussain(UDSM)

Azania College of Management (ACOM), is a Higher Learning Institution owned by Morning Star Education Co. Ltd., a private company registered in Tanzania (Reg.No.55791). ACOM is Registered and Recognized by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE)-WITH FULL REGISTRATION.
The main objectives of Azania College of Management include, inter alia, the following:-

  • To carry on the business of provision of quality education in Tanzania.
  • To provide secular education to the public without discrimination.
  • To conduct examinations, confer degrees and award diplomas and certificates as approved by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE).
  • To conduct researches and consultancies in  differentfields and disciplines.
  • To promote and support good causes and giveassistance to charities of all types without discrimination.
  • To  propagate the struggle against the HIV/AID pandemic through seminars and workshops.

It is through the accomplishment of the above objectives whereby ACOM will have attained the rightful position in societal responsibilities.
ACOM is managed by a Council whose members are appointed by the founder and owner company.The day to day operations of the College are vested in the hands of the Principal who is assisted by two Deputy Principals.

ACOM Latest News

Applications for Academic year 2017 /2018 are now open. All applicants are required to apply direct to the college by downloading the application form OR visiting the college located at Mikocheni B

ACOM Contacts

The Principal
Azania College of Management

Mikocheni B, Block A House No. MKC/MCB/109
P.O. Box 4141,
Tel: +255 22 2152834 / 2152835
Mob: +255 758 451 345 | +255 713 361 186



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